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The Montessori toddler classroom is carefully prepared to provide a wide range of stimulating,engrossing activities within a caring, calm environment. The materials are placed low on shelves so children learn to choose and use them independently and productively. Each material has a purpose in helping children develop their potential. As they explore their classroom, absorbing language and concepts, small children gain independence, self-discipline, and social skill.

This program is specifically designed to teach our toddlers basic life skills such as toilet training and feeding themselves. Our toddlers learn how to be independent and self-sufficient while learning how to share and work with their friends.

By performing tasks such as choosing their work, unrolling rugs, doing their work and then placing their work back on the shelf, they establish a sense of purpose and a sense of order. They learn to be a part of the community by contributing to the program’s daily and weekly activities such as circle time, art and cooking. Music, Spanish and yoga are also a part of the toddler curriculum.

As a part of our Toddler program, we offer Spanish, yoga and meditation, gardening and music (from My Gym in Princeton) on a weekly basis.

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