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Our Primary program is designed for children ages 3 to 6. It offers an academically-enriched environment within in a well-ordered social community. Social, mental and cognitive development flourishes in this multi-age, three-year cycle. Through the use of age-appropriate and carefully chosen materials and activities, children grow in personal independence, concentration, self-motivation, and develop a genuine love of learning. The combination of defined social structure and intellectual atmosphere is propelled by the unique ability of children this age to absorb their environment, language, and culture.

At this stage of development, children learn very effectively through their senses. Our Montessori materials provide sensory discovery and description while empowering the child’s natural desire to explore, classify, and order their environment. The math area uses carefully prepared tools that lead the child through a logical mathematical thought process from concrete to abstract. Our carefully planned environment encourages growth in oral language, written expression, reading, and even grammar elements.

We focus on the "whole" child approach. Multi-age classrooms allow the children at various stages of development to learn from and with each other. Children in this age group are drawn to be independent strong learners while developing strong social and leadership qualities. They learn to be peacemakers as they develop an ability to understand and access peace within themselves, interact peacefully with others and eventually engage in activities that create a peaceful planet.

As a part of our Primary program, we offer Spanish, yoga and meditation, gardening, and music on a weekly basis.

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