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When people think about Montessori many people think about preschool aged children. But the truth is that the Montessori method of education is not limited to preschool. It is a way of life that begins at birth. Montessori from birth is an amazing and transformative journey.

Our school offers an infant program that is designed for children from six weeks to 18 months of age. It offers a calm, sunlit, spacious, safe and nurturing environment that encourages infants to explore. Within this safe sanctuary, they are able to enjoy freedom of movement to discover and interact, while simultaneously developing gross and fine motor skills. As our infants mature into toddlers, we are able to firsthand witness them growing and perfecting movements like grasping, reaching, and climbing. Our infants enjoy daily Spanish and music classes as well.

Our program is led by our highly experienced and trained teachers who are dedicated and passionate caregivers. All programs at our school are designed with age-appropriate Montessori materials that enhance and challenge cognitive and sensory abilities.

Developmental Milestones

As our infants grow, they develop motor skills such as sitting, standing, crawling, taking their first steps, and eventually walking. They also learn to communicate through actions and sounds. This is an extremely important stage, as infants learn to interact and trust their surroundings, and more importantly, build emotional connections with their caregivers. Developmentally, their brain is expanding and forming new connections everyday.

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