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Here at Montgomery Montessori, we strive to provide the best authentic Montessori education to our children. As per Maria Montessori teachings, we believe in the “whole child” approach and the fact that every child can discover their true hidden potential only through a student-led education.

Safety is of utmost importance to us and here at Montgomery Montessori School. As parents, you have entrusted us with your most precious belonging, your child. As a community of educators, it is our responsibility to ensure the safest environment before learning can begin.

Our Philosophy

The Montgomery Montessori education and experience is built on four key principles:

Academic Excellence

Educating community leaders and global scholars of the world by holding them to high academic standards and instilling joy for learning in our children.


Teaching receiving as well as giving in our community.

Universal Values

Modeling and teaching respect, kindness, honesty, gratitude, integrity and mindfulness.


Teaching our children empathy, love and respect for themselves, each other and for the environment.

Montgomery Montessori education differs from traditional education in three key components

Prepared Environment

We provide a safe, authentic Montessori, and student-centered environment for all our children. Our self-correcting materials enable self-directed learning to take place, while encouraging self-reliance and self-confidence.

The Teacher

The teacher takes the role of the guide, demonstrator, friend, role model, record keeper, communicator, and observer of each child’s growth and progress.

The Family

The family plays a key role in the development of the child. Our school operates in partnership with the parents. Parents play a key role in the learning process by embracing and continuing the Montessori methods, goals, and beliefs at home.

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