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Prasadi Thambugala is a passionate teacher, she loves observing children to understand what speaks to them and nurture the natural curiosity that each child possesses. Prasadi has an accounting background (CIMA London) from where she gets her love for mathematics. She has a strong Montessori background as her journey to become a Montessorian, began 20 years ago in Sri Lanka. Teaching, being her first love, made her join Montessori in the United States.

She has worked in Unitarian Montessori School (UMS) for over five years, which led her to pursue her Montessori Certification. During her tenure at UMS, she worked not only in the primary classroom, but also has experience working with toddlers as well as extended care. She brings in a lot of knowledge with her in terms of caring for children as young as toddlers and enriching older children in a kindergarten class. Prasadi is fond of sewing and at her previous school she initiated a sewing curriculum for the Primary and Kindergarten classes, which was a huge success.

Prasadi has set up an at-home Montessori school and teaches a child, who is unable to attend school for health reasons. She has also taught for over 15 years at Sunday school, for both elementary and middle school aged children.

She enjoys gardening with her students and engages children in this beautiful life skill. She has travelled extensively and has lived in Sri Lanka, Zambia and Nigeria. In her free time she enjoys travelling with family, reading, and staying active. She also loves spending time with her husband and two children.

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