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Meet Mehjabin and Amit – the proud owners of Montgomery Montessori School

Growing up in India, Mehjabin and Amit both went through the Montessori Education system. They welcomed twin daughters into the world in 2017, and when researching latest educational methods for early childhood they realized that Montessori is still the best possible education that a child can get.

Montessori education helps a child develop independence, a sense of empathy and social justice, and a lifelong love of learning. Realizing the impact Montessori can have on a child, building the confidence and ability a child needs, they decided to expand their learning and vision and provide a way for the community to benefit from the same.

Since taking over the running of the school in mid 2022, Mehjabin and Amit have focused on offering best-in-class Montessori education and a healthy and cheerful learning environment for children in the Montgomery Community

About Mehjabin
Mehjabin is very passionate about education as a cause, and strongly believes that education helps eradicate poverty and hunger, giving people the chance at better lives.

She is inspired by her father – a strong advocate of “education for all” – who has made a difference to the lives of many underprivileged families by encouraging them to educate their children, especially girls.

Mehjabin has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a certificate in leadership development program from Harvard University and has completed Montessori Coaches Training from NCMPS.

She has over 20 years of experience in various leadership roles in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Life Science industries. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies like MERCK, BIOGEN, MetLife, UBS, Putnam Investments, Citi Group before deciding to pursue Child Education as a full-time profession.

About Amit
Amit has a Master’s degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Amit has over 21 years of experience in the Financial Services sector and has played various leadership roles in financial institutions like UBS, Citi bank, BNP Paribas.

In the long run, Mehjabin and Amit wish to collaborate with global organizations to make a bigger difference in the lives of people through education. Their vision is to be leaders in Montessori Education and expand education in general to different areas of the world where its lacking today.

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