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Nina’s love for education began when Nina was in high school in Accra, Ghana volunteering at a public school. She realized that the third-graders who she was working with, could not read at the standard reading level.  She continued to work with the third-graders at that school and another school for special needs once a week, while in high school, not realizing the impact that this teaching would have on her later. Soon after Nina graduated high school, Nina came to NJ and to pursue her Bachelor’s in Computer Science at Rutgers University. While in college, Nina tutored math and reading to college and school-aged children.

Nina Masaun started off her career in Information Technology in 2002 as a Business Analyst. Over the course of her corporate career, she transitioned to Project Management and consulted for various business clients. It was in 2010, when she realized that she wanted a career that was more fulfilling and enriching, and it was the teaching that she kept coming back to. She enrolled at Rider University and began her teacher’s training and graduate education. During the course of her studies at Rider University, Nina came across Maria Montessori’s work and was fascinated by her method and philosophy. In 2014, when Nina’s older son was a toddler,Nina enrolled her son at Raritan Valley Montessori School in Bridgewater, and a year later enrolled her younger son. Both her sons still continue to grow and thrive in the Montessori environment.

Over the years, Nina’s passion for spreading the Montessori love has grown more than ever.  In 2018, she came across New Horizons Montessori, and decided to take it over and co-pilot the growth and development of the school with Ms. Sue.

Ms. Nina lives in Hillsborough with her husband and her two sons. In her spare time, she loves to travel with her family, spend time with family and friends, run, take nature walks and practice yoga and meditation.

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